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The Bucheon Massage 'Family Foot Shop' we visited is Bucheon Sangdong StationIt is located about 3 minutes walk away from Exit 8.It's easy to get there by public transportation.Thanks to the big building, the stray couple didn't get lost.I came at once. There's a big parking space in the building.I don't worry about parking if […]

The Bucheon Massage 'Family Foot Shop' we visited is Bucheon Sangdong Station

It is located about 3 minutes walk away from Exit 8.

It's easy to get there by public transportation.

Thanks to the big building, the stray couple didn't get lost.

I came at once. There's a big parking space in the building.

I don't worry about parking if I bring my car, I park underground,

If you take the elevator and get off on the 3rd floor, it's located in room 311.

From foot 건마 massages to professional care,

For those who have been managed by Family Foot Shop, the service and the ability,

I'm going back to being a regular customer. It's already been a word of mouth.

I'm already looking forward to it.

There are many rumors that high expectations lead to great disappointment.

Here, I'm so happy the whole time I'm getting the massage, so my thumb is really...

It's standing there pretending! I will continue to take care of myself with my boyfriend.

I didn't spare any praise, saying I should come and get it.

The weather got cold and in-between seasons, and I used to live with my cold.

I think I can easily beat the cold this winter with a massage.

It's a reservation system, so if you make a reservation in advance and visit,

You can get counseling and massage quickly without waiting time.

I've been seeing customers coming all the way, and I'm sure they're good.

I am relieved that it is guaranteed.

This place is for all the guests who come to see us.

There are several body-friended devices installed on one side of the store.

You can use an expensive massage machine for free, and it's also expensive.

It proved to be a different dimension.

I got a massage while I was changing my clothes and waiting for a while.

It's much cooler when I focus on my shoulders.~

After making a reservation, I visited and got a quick seat guide and started counseling.

It's going fast, and I think it's a very careful and systematic service that I'

You can listen to it. The Bucheon Massage Management Course starts from the foot massage to the whole body.

There's a course for you to take, and it makes you feel soft and comfortable.

The aroma service is also composed of various configurations.

I was thinking about what to do, but after the staff approached me, I had to get one for each massage.

It's easy to choose because you explain it easily.

It's a big event every month, so there's no big price burden, and if we proceed with membership,

It has the great advantage of being able to come to you anytime comfortably at a much lower price.

Private double room for couples to get massages together.

It's been guided, and it's well-organized, so it's hygienic and clean.

There's no doubt about it. Once all beddings are used, sterilize them.

It's used for the next customer, so it builds a lot of trust.

The moment you open the door and walk in, you'll smell the diffuser.

Healing, luxurious and neat.

It was decorated, so I immediately felt that I paid attention to it.

All employees wear masks all the time.

When entering the room, checking the temperature is mandatory, and every morning, we need to check the quarantine measures.

It's a safe place to visit because the disinfection is being carried out thoroughly.

We're a couple, so we can spend time together.

He showed me to a double room, and for those who came alone, I'd like to go to a private room.

They made it available. We have a sleeping room.

After coming here comfortably, I got a cool massage and rested for a while.

He's very considerate to go.

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