Massage gel, love gel, it’s actually embarrassing.
Hello, I'm the Qing Dynasty merchant.It's a precious gel for my body.I'd like to introduce you to a safe and moist warm gel.​Massage gel, tumbelIt's a hot product!It's a gel for a hot night.Good ingredient massage gel for adult men and womenThis is an event product.I opened the box with the name of the scent.Make […]

Hello, I'm the Qing Dynasty merchant.

It's a precious gel for my body.

I'd like to introduce you to a safe and moist warm gel.

Massage gel, tumbel

It's a hot product!

It's a gel for a hot night.

Good ingredient massage gel for adult men and women

This is an event product.

I opened the box with the name of the scent.

Make sure the bubble wrap doesn't break during shipping.

I need you to wrap it carefully.

The product itself is packaged beautifully, 마사지 so the ingredients and

The instructions are well written on how to use it, so only the concerns of massage gel and love gel are written.

I'd like to recommend it to those who hesitate.

The love gel massage gel that women use is really worried about the ingredient.

You use it on your body, so if you're wondering how to buy it,

Tumbum gel massage gel/love gel without any bad ingredients.

It's reliable because it contains good lactobacillus algoni in the Y-zone.

The patented combination of raw materials has a moisturizing effect on the skin, so just wipe off the water.

Since there's no oil at all, should I say this part is attractive?

I've never seen a product that I like so much.

If you're looking for a safe love gel you can use for yourself, go go.

Made of safe ingredients, a female healthy love gel called "Warm Gel."

The blue on the left is Ttbamzel romantic lavender and the red on the right is Ttbamjell Lollipop Syrust.

The massager gel in Bilboures, more than anything else, had a capacity of 120ml each.

What a beautiful design! It's good because it's marked with ingredients.

Thumbnail is 5 Free, contains lactobacillus + algin, and is slightly acidic from 4.5 pH to 5 pH

Combination direction NO!, water soluble base

Above all, I recommend it if you are worried about massage gel because it is a patented combination of ingredients.

First of all, it's good that it doesn't contain glycerin / combinatorial incense / Paraben / Silicon / Sulphate.

Paraben's really not good to go into the vagina.

You must check if it contains paraben.

If the glyceryl content is high between love gel and massage gel, it leaves a foreign sensation after washing.

It can make your skin dry, so it doesn't contain glycerin.

I'm glad there's no unpleasant stickiness in the wash.

Lactobacillus, alginine is good for the health of men and women.

It's water-soluble base gel, so it's good for cleaning.

The pH level is 4.5-5.5 which is suitable for the skin.

It's perfect for keeping your skin healthy.

Moisturizing base's love gel. It's really good to use it.

It's a new world. We need to check if it contains a lot of love gel glycerin, which is good for insertion.

It was nice when I needed a little pumping.

It's definitely different from the tube type.

It's water-soluble, but it smells like lavender.

It makes me feel good!

Massage gel, love gel, it's actually embarrassing.

Maybe, but you can use this for massage.

It's good for adults to use on special occasions.

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