During Withers Postpartum Care Program
I gained 13 kilograms by the time I was pregnant with twins.I thought it was all murder.Maybe it was an edema caused by pregnancy addiction.Three days after Honey Yuni's birth, she was already missing seven.​And maybe it's because of the massage that I received at the cooking center.Or maybe it's because she's been having a […]

I gained 13 kilograms by the time I was pregnant with twins.

I thought it was all murder.

Maybe it was an edema caused by pregnancy addiction.

Three days after Honey Yuni's birth, she was already missing seven.

And maybe it's because of the massage that I received at the cooking center.

Or maybe it's because she's been having a hard time visiting her baby, NIQ, every day.

12 kilos missing and discharged. Haha

I thought I had a lot of pears back then.

I came home and had a month's worth of course.

I feel like I've gained a couple of kilos again, and I've got more stomachs.

Returning to work won't be closed.

So yesterday, I got postpartum care after a long time.

Kangbuk Travel Postpartum Care Center, Wither's Postpartum Care Satisfaction 200%

I reserved a post-natal massage for my business trip to Gangbuk.

I saw the reviews on the Internet and 해운대 마사지 made a reservation at Withers.

I'm not sure if I made a good choice. I've been feeling so light all day.

I'd like to thank you for your review.

This is the reservation text that I made and received.

serviceable throughout Seoul/Incheon/Gyeonggi-do

Withers Travel Postnatal Massage

It was a two o'clock reservation, but the manager arrived at 1:40

Maybe it's the coronavirus right now.

Sprinkle disinfectant on your body and luggage at the front door.

You come in first, wash your hands in the bathroom,

You're moving your luggage. First, give me a thumbs up.

There are newborns in postpartum care.

She's gonna be home with her day-to-day, flu shots and everything.

The blue one is massage bad.

Towels, oils, disposables, etc.

It was full of massage supplies.

While the maintenance man was installing Martha's Gird in the master bedroom,

I filled out the customer care chart.

Information related to childbirth and what kind of care do you particularly want?

I'm writing what the administrator needs to know.

It's essential for one-on-one personalized care.

It's important to write it down exactly!

My back hurts from breastfeeding these days.

It's very painful between the hips and the waist when I'm sitting down.

Both of those parts and reinstatement have been written to take special care of the opening.
Bathrobe and disposable underwear
I'm about to take off my underwear.

Change into the gown you brought in, and one sheet:)

There are usually two cribs in massage beds.

I pulled it out for a while for a smooth postpartum care.

Far-infrared rays help release sweat and waste.

You brought me a warm dome, and it's really hot.

When I had my back taken care of, I was so hot that I asked to take it out for a while.

And the bad was warm, so I loved it.

After the supervisor finished setting up the music,

Our postpartum care start-up!

Talk to the supervisor and start with the back of your back.

It starts from the back to the waist.

Oh, I'm really sick. crying

I think I've been feeling better lately.

I was wondering if everything was okay now, but it wasn't at all right?

It's painful but refreshing. You know that, right?

It hurts a lot more than I thought, and I'm getting it with a billion.

I can't believe I'm so cool and light today.

I'm just grateful to the supervisor.

And that sore spot between the hips and the waist.

It's hard to sit down and hold the baby, so if you lean back a little,

The moment is good, but the moment you wake up, it's like it's broken.

I got his name.

It's called the sacrum.

This is where most mothers complain of pain.

It's where Withers postpartum care goes into pain management.

It really hurt so much that it made me cry.

The pain here has been much relieved since I got a massage.

Lower body management:

The aroma oil you're using...

Natural aroma oil safe for pregnant women

It's effective for tonal care.

I'm lucky or unhappy ㅠㅠ giving birth to babies in 34 weeks.

I don't have any skin on my stomach.

Instead, I got a stain and edema on my thigh.

I'm so upset, but I'm just trying to make sure that they's healthy.

From the soles of your feet to your ankles to your calves to your thighs.

I want you to take care of your mother with a safe technique.

I thought it was definitely different from the aromatherapy in front of the house.

Leg Front Management Order

Especially since I was 20, when I wore heels.

The side of the calf bone that hurts every day?

He released that part.

Seven years of cooking experience.

Maybe it's because you have a lot of experience in managing a business trip.

He knew right away what was bothering him and focused on it.

Thank you very much.

Last abdominal care and neck shoulder care.

I've had abdominal care at the kitchen.

I got a lot of compliments for being good at abdominal breathing.

The program that I received

During Withers Postpartum Care Program

Special postpartum care (120 minutes).

I think they did it for more than two hours after it was over.

Thanks to your hard work, it's over and my body is tired.

It's been a long time since I slept so soundly.

And when I woke up today, I felt so refreshed.

I've taken selfies before and after maintenance, and my face has gotten better.

I think she's gotten taller because her back's straightened.

I'm really satisfied, and I want to get it consistently.

See Withers postpartum care reservation number.

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