I think it would be good to go and make special memories with your family.
Hello~!Has everyone been in trouble lately?I'm going to be very busy and 부산건마 busy with work until this week because of the holidays.(If there's any way not to be busy in the world, please let me know.Well, it's better to be busy than to be lethargic. Haha​Oh yeah! My mother had a birthday this time!​​I'm […]

Has everyone been in trouble lately?
I'm going to be very busy and 부산건마 busy with work until this week because of the holidays.
(If there's any way not to be busy in the world, please let me know.
Well, it's better to be busy than to be lethargic. Haha

Oh yeah! My mother had a birthday this time!

I'm sure all the other parents are the same, but if you ask me if I need anything, I don't need everything.
He's not interested in cash or anything, so he's working hard for our family.
For my mother!

I went to Nonhyeon-dong Home Thai. They recommended it for healing.

It would be perfect for a friend to release his parents' blood.
I went there because you recommended it, but the satisfaction level was high.

Actually, I've been to a lot of skin care, but I've never been to a home tie shop.
Does your fatigue go away? I had these doubts for a while, but I think I will go around regularly.
I'm an office worker, and since I've been working in a firm position for a long time, I have pain everywhere.

So my mother usually tells me that you're about the same age as me.
You nagged me about going out for a workout or a home tie, and I wanted to give you a mother-daughter date and a birthday party.
I think I had a good experience.

Nonhyeon-dong Home Thai

I'm sure any home tie shop does, but I have to make a reservation here at Nonhyeon-dong home tie shop.
I'll leave your contact information at the bottom, so please contact me if you're curious!

I think you've been bugging me a lot, starting with what's important when you go, and starting with a beginner's home tie shop.
Thanks for your kind consultation, I've gained a lot of favor from here.
(One person who thinks it's important to have a strong service mind.)

First of all, we have a personal locker here, so when you store your shoes, do you have any idea?
Wouldn't it be lost? You don't have to panic.
Personally, I wore my favorite shoes on this day, and I really liked this.

And it's my first time getting a professional foot bath at a shop!
It was frustrating and I thought it wouldn't be much different from receiving it at home, but it was a huge difference.
It was totally different considering the foot bath in the basin. ㅠㅠㅋ

I smelled aroma that relieves my mental fatigue and got a foot bath, so my body became very tired.
I heard that you can relieve your fatigue by taking the famous Detox foot bath.
It's good for toxins and blood circulation, so I think it'll be good to get it regularly for health care.

We've officially received the Nonhyeon-dong home tie!
At first, it hurt so much that I could hear the sound of a roar, but I felt more and more refreshed and fell asleep. lol
It's proof that I haven't been feeling well.
The recipient of the home tie feels very tight, and the person who does the home tie feels very tight.
I was worried that it might feel like touching a rock.
(I've heard that I've actually been feeling a lot of fatigue)

Nonhyeon-dong Home Thai

It was my first time for my mother to come here for a home tie.
To borrow my mother's expression, she said it was cool in the world, and she liked it because it seemed like she was relieved of all her fatigue.
It's not that big of a deal, but I'm glad that I'm a good son. I felt like I should come with you more often.
It's out of the blue, but let's all be good sons together ㅠ_ㅠ

By the way, I thought it would be the end for 2 people to come to Nonhyeon-dong Home Thai Shop.
It's interesting to hear that Han Jung-tae can get a home tie for a group of guests can get it.
There were various large rooms such as a four-person room and a three-person room, so it looked good for the group guests to come and make special memories.
Only my mother and daughter came this time, but next time I come here with my aunts and aunts to pick up their home ties,
I thought it would be perfect.^^
I heard that a lot of family members visit the restaurant.

The atmosphere looks luxurious and the lighting itself is comfortable, so I think it'll be perfect for healing.
Is there anything special about exchanging home ties? I reflect on myself in the past that I thought.
What if you feel uncomfortable after getting the Nonhyeon-dong home tie? You can take a shower!
The shower room was well organized.
(I can't stand this.)
My mother and I don't mind this kind of thing, so we're doing our bath business in a refreshing one.^^;;

I got a home tie with my mother in the afternoon, and I cut myself in a nice restaurant in the evening. That's how you ended it!
Han Jung-tae's home tie starts with one person, and there's a big room for three or four people, so it's good for a mother-daughter date like me.
I think it would be good to go to make special memories with lovers, friends, and family.

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