There was Tiffany jewelry.
Do you like luxury goods?I'm starting to see one by one 🙂I get to look around the department store once in a while.​Have you ever heard of a used luxury pawnshop?by purchasing luxury goods at a high price or by consignmentIt's a cheap place to sell, and it stimulates my curiosity!It's just a minute away […]

Do you like luxury goods?
I'm starting to see one by one 🙂
I get to look around the department store once in a while.

Have you ever heard of a used luxury pawnshop?
by purchasing luxury goods at a high price or by consignment
It's a cheap place to sell, and it stimulates my curiosity!
It's just a minute away from the back of the Hyundai Department Store in Daegu.
I went out to Banwoldang to watch it.

Suhyup Bank is located in the back of Daegu Hyundai Department Store.
GUGUS located on the first floor of the building!
This is the Daegu used luxury pawnshop!

I thought Gugus was only in Daegu.
It's a big place with 22 branches all over the countrywide.
Not only Seoul Gyeonggi but also Daegu and Busan all over the country!

I've never been to a luxury used store.
Something that's not high quality, old and old.
I thought the products were on display.
Oh, my.
He completely changed my mind.

Neat and luxurious inside the mouthpiece.

When receiving used luxury goods, registering the product on the same day
When the sale is completed, they settle the account on the same day.
Maybe it's because it's a big used luxury pawnshop.
He's got a quick way of doing things and settling accounts.

Gugus Daegu Hyundai has a wide range of items.
I was selling used luxury goods.

Used luxury clothes and shoes, etc.
There are a lot of items on display.
Your clothes are in good condition.
My shoes felt new, too.

Gucci hats, Chanel earrings, Hermes bracelets, etc.
A variety of luxury fashion items and jewelry!
레플리카 I've heard of it at least once, and I've seen it in person.
The products were on display.

As expected, a luxury bag… We can't miss it.
Chanel, Goyard, Gucci, City, etc.
Full of used luxury goods!

Full of luxury wallets!
Card wallet, ring wallet, long armour.
There's a wide variety of them.

And there's a special zone at the entrance to the store.
It's for Chanel bags, Hermes bags!
They were all in the best condition, so…
I think it's on display separately.

Used luxury brand Sanel bag.
You can see the coin style design that is popular these days.
Chanel Hoboback, which I once wanted.

Brightened by an orange packaging box
Hermes bags

Other than the clockwork,
There was Tiffany jewelry.
Of course there's a Rolex watch!

When I visit, I pick a watch.
There were men. Chanel bags.
Some of the women were watching.

Gugus Daegu Middle-Aged Luxury Goods Daegu Hyundai Branch

It's my first time visiting a second-hand luxury store.
of higher quality than I thought.
There are a lot of things and designs these days.
When you buy luxury goods, you don't have to buy new products.
If you don't really like it, you'll find a secondhand luxury store.
I think it's all right.

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