Take a massage and you’ll find the entire service facility.
Everyone should be in a good mood with the old year-end celebrations.​I think it's best to be really quiet this time.​I was going to make an appointment at the end of the year and get a gurae-dong massage.​I just decided to get a massage and come back home. ㅜㅜ​I hope Corona will disappear next year […]

Everyone should be in a good mood with the old year-end celebrations.

I think it's best to be really quiet this time.

I was going to make an appointment at the end of the year and get a gurae-dong massage.

I just decided to get a massage and come back home. ㅜㅜ

I hope Corona will disappear next year soon.

But I can't help but get the massage I used to get when I was tired and stressed.

I got a massage this week as well. Always Kimpo Gurae-dong Massage.

What I feel while visiting Chiang Mai Therapy is really nice...

And I'm so good..This is all I can think of.

These days, just because you're good at massage, it's not a good shop, and customers visit.

No, it's not. It's all right, but it's popular when you're good at massaging.

If you come to the Gurae-dong Massage that I'm explaining, you'll feel completely different.

I don't know if this is a massage parlor or a cafe.

It is also popular as a place for a couple date in 김포 마사지 Gimpo.

It's an atmosphere company with the largest family.

The proportion of female customers is higher than that of male customers.

They say that it's not possible for drinkers to enter and sleep.

The most healthy and good massage parlors usually have a fixed time.

It's often impossible for drinkers to enter.

And it's a nice, neat interior like this one, and it's not like a massage shop.

It's like creating an atmosphere. I mean, if you come with your family,

I'm sure the company will be very happy.

I always look around in the foot bath.

The interior is the same, but I put every little item on top of it.

The location changes all the time.^^ The atmosphere is just a change of location.

What makes you feel different? ^^ My eyes are happy while I'm taking a foot bath All the time

I visited here with my friend for the first time, and he's a regular here.

She often visits with her family and alone.

There are a lot of companies that do massages around them, but they're so bright and have a good atmosphere

Not a lot of people say they don't. It's kind of weird to have a massage, but if you're here,

They promote everything, bring their families, and introduce them to us a lot.

It's not because someone forced me to. I found a really good shop, and my acquaintances...

Maybe it's because he wants to get a massage in a good place.

If you look up the post-Kimpo Massage, about the Chiang Mai Therapy facility,

It's coming out a lot. I've been to a lot of massage shops in different regions.

Even the best facilities in the country are not wrong.

Massage skills are also excellent. It's such a pretty company with such a good image.

If I don't get a massage...He probably won't visit.a regular visitor

There won't be any guests. I heard there are a lot of regular customers here.

During the day, you can get a massage at a reasonable price, during the Gurae-dong Massage Week.

Most of them are female customers. It's cheap during the day.

You can get a cool massage in an atmosphere that doesn't look like a massage parlor.

Even for me, if I have time during the week, I'll visit during the week.

I think there's a single to three massage rooms.

There are various types of couple rooms and family rooms used by couples. according to the number of people

They'll decide the room. Today, I decided to visit by myself and use a single room.

The inside of the shop has a lot of subtle aroma scents. I didn't get an aroma massage,

It smelled so good that I felt like my body was warming up more smoothly.

And I was able to relieve my stress.

I think massage is a must for people who are stressed.

I feel stressed out, and I feel like I'm getting stiff. That's why I've got a massage on my neck muscles.

When I relax my back shoulders, I feel very cool and clean.

If you visit Gurae-dong Massage in Gimpo, you'll find experienced professional managers.

She'll take care of it. If you have any discomfort, please tell me.

If you tell me before you go to the room, it'll be delivered to the supervisor.

You can get care.

At the end of the year, it is often used as a couple date course, but at the end of this year,

It's a little disappointing. ㅜㅜ Still, couples make a lot of reservations on weekends

They'll do it for us. Your family is coming.

But right now, it's operated on a reservation basis, so I don't feel nervous.

I'm glad I can use the shop! He's sterilizing it a few times a day.

You come to the entrance, you disinfect your hands, put on a mask, and do a hot check.

I'm getting a massage.

It is close to Gureae Station in Gureae-dong, Gimpo and located in Jungsing Sangga

It's convenient to use, has a large parking space and is free to park, so you can use a car.

It's fine and it's convenient to use the subway.

Location is also very important. I think it's the central shopping mall.

If you have an appointment here, or if you're coming on a date afterwards,

I think it's very popular. And if you take a massage, you'll see the whole thing.

There are a lot of people who come here regularly because of the service facilities.

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