Stonic Used Car 88카 Price Worries
The old bungeoppang that lived in front of my house.I couldn't see the truck this year. the beginning of the year onlyEven if I do, I'll be on my way home.I used to make him buy a bag of fish-shaped buns.I couldn't see it, so I wondered what was going on. OhSurprisingly, a local pharmacist […]

The old bungeoppang that lived in front of my house.

I couldn't see the truck this year. the beginning of the year only

Even if I do, I'll be on my way home.

I used to make him buy a bag of fish-shaped buns.

I couldn't see it, so I wondered what was going on. Oh

Surprisingly, a local pharmacist told me about it.

He's taking a rest in the nursing home.

I'm sure you're old enough to be healthy.

You'll have to pay attention. More fish-shaped buns.

I thought I'd buy something to eat. Nowadays

I'm having a hard time too, but I'm going to try harder.

I thought I had to live. It's not going to be easy.

In fact, I'm gonna be fine riding alone today.

You drive with your family, or you drive with your mother.

Kia Stonic used to hand over the keys.

I came to see you. in particular this year

The importance of driving has been emphasized a lot.

How many people will come to the terminal?

I don't know. I'm sure he's one of them.

What if the lines overlap? What if I get caught?

It's a thought that ends with a tail.

as a precautionary measure and as a precautionary measure

It's a good car to ride with your family.

I've chosen one pick. I feel confident.

There are five of us. It's a good ride.

I came to think that I would. of course

He's big, he's reliable.

There was one. Control charts with smooth surfaces

It was pretty good, but there was no accident.

You can check the mole as well. Personal

In my opinion, when you're riding this visual,

Make my image look stronger.

Should I say that I thought they would give it to me? Chrome Molding

The thickness of it is a measure of God.

I thought it would be applied.

There's a lot of colors, but it's the easiest.

As one of the colors, it's relatively simple to manage.

I'm thinking maybe it's less difficult.

That's Sue. Right now, I'm going to wash my car.

I don't think I need to do some polishing or anything.

I had an idea. Light trickled down.

Even the bottom part 88카 of the tire that's in place.

We checked together and it was very strong.

Compared to the types of sedans, the tires have a relatively high level of strength

It seemed like there was a little more size and it was high.

Wouldn't the trunk be the best? available for boarding

It's got a lot of space and a lot of load.

He was on the side, so he thought of utility.

There are many people who choose it. Me too.

I couldn't ignore that part. All right.

So with the help of the staff, the trunk is also...

I opened it up. a cool feeling

He went up, giving him a big boost, and the inside was his opponent.

It was a dark color scheme as an enemy. a corner

I looked around the corner, and there was a little dust.

But it wasn't covered with dirt.

The Stonic medium and high-priced color was white.

It's gonna be okay to try it again right now.

It made me think. looking around the trunk

In the back, I checked the seats inside.

When my family sat down together,

It offers a very comfortable space.

When you lean back, you're balanced.

It was nice to have you. Too much center of gravity knee

If he's in front, he'll try to speed it up.

You're pulling your body forward a lot, and luck.

I thought it wouldn't happen.

It's also very elastic when you put on your seat belt.

Poetry is the best. This is the common of the suvs.

The advantage of the enemy is that the field of vision

The broadness is something that's never gonna be ignored.

It makes me think. And the dashboard's

It's dark, but it's a bright color.

In some cases, the light can smudge and the eyes can be blurred.

I thought I wouldn't be worried about that.

Below them are trip screens, air conditioners, and various other types of air conditioners.

The shortcuts, the instrument panel, and the steering wheel, are sitting there.

I was holding it. Anyone can adapt quickly

effective for doing and for convenient handling

It's making it look more complete.

It's an intuitive structure, so you're a beginner.

It will be easy to use. especially my mother.

He's a little mechanical, so he's worried.

If I take a look at it personally, it's a problem.

Without a hitch, the Auto Mission Transmission was the first

I've been keeping my appearance. Gearbox

from center fascia to vertical downward.

It's installed. Overall, we're going to look at the details.

Designed to save lives and keep the atmosphere intact

It gave me the impression that it was in place, and the buttons were first.

It's been clicking and clicking

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